Automatic One-button Pet Hair Long-haired Dog Removal Plastic Brush


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Product Name:Automatic One-button Pet Hair Long-haired Dog Removal Plastic Brush

Product size:

Small size: 10*5.0 cm needle length, 2.0 cm handle length, 10 cm full length, 16 cm

Big size: 12*7.5 cm needle length, 2.8 cm handle length, 12.5 cm full length, 20.5 cm

Product color: blue

Weight: small 85g large 135g

Packing; 120 PCs

Box gauge; large size 52*40*56.5cm

Trumpet 46*31*50cm

This product is specially designed for finishing the long-haired dog’s hair. It can be arranged from outside to inside, layer by layer. Its advantage is that in the process of finishing, it can have a pulling action. For long-haired dogs, it can make their hair fluffy and elegant like having just taken a bath. Especially in spring and autumn, when dogs change their hair and comb their hair everyday, it can avoid the dog’s hair flying everywhere. Elephants.

Dogs change their hair every spring and autumn, while indoor dogs grow and shed their hair all year round. Often combing the dog’s fur can not only comb the hair off, but also remove dirt and dust, prevent hair tangling, promote the blood circulation of dogs and enhance their disease resistance, relieve fatigue and prevent parasites and skin diseases.

Merchandise highlights the advantages: it can easily clean the residual hair in the comb gap. After combing the dog’s hair, the broken hair stuck in the comb gap is troublesome to countless owners. Now this innovative pet brush will solve this problem for you. As long as you press the button at the handle of the brush, the hair hidden in the comb gap will be easily pushed out immediately. It saves your cleaning time and gives you a pleasant and refreshing carding process.


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