Inclined Arm Manipulator 45 to 90 Degrees


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Product Name:Inclined Arm Manipulator 45 to 90 Degrees

Use range: various horizontal injection molding machines below 250 tons
Function: Can clip Nozzle and suck the finished product at the same time.
Features: save time and effort, improve efficiency.
Control system: multiple sets of built-in app and can edit the teaching app, you can choose the app that suits you.
Fault display: Automatically monitor the fault condition, display it on the screen, and record the fault code.
Screen display: It can display all the outputs, input nodes and important signals.
External equipment: external output point, conveyor belt and spray device, etc.

Product parameters

Up and down strokes:550-750
Crosswise stroke:120
Rotation angle (°): 45-90
Take time (seconds): 0.9
Maximum load (KG): 2
Full cycle time (seconds): 4
Air consumption (NI/cycle): 12
Net weight (kg): 37

Default free ship: standard sucker

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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