ABS Drainage Hat Umbrella Mushroom Head Filter Hat Filter Water Hat




ABS Drainage Hat Umbrella Mushroom Head Filter Hat Filter Water Hat

Material: ABS
Features: it can not only prevent the outflow of anion and cation resin, but also ensure the flow rate. The structure is reasonable, the connection is firm, the pressure bearing strength is high, the gap is not changed, there is no dead water corner between the filter plates, no mud accumulation, and the effect is good.
Application: various specifications of filter caps are suitable for various matching ion exchange columns, activated carbon filters, and drainage system of fast filter. Long handle filter head is commonly used in filter steam water backwash water distribution system; short handle filter head is used for single water backwash and filtration device of gravity type, pressure type filter tank and ion exchange filter bed.
It is widely used in combination, return process and ion exchange column equipment for softening water quality.
The filter head and cap are used as advanced purification materials for urban drinking water, mineral water production and industrial water, which can effectively remove COD, pigment, odor and toxic substances in water.


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