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Principle of the Spray Nozzle

The atomization principle of atomizing nozzle involves aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and numerical calculation model. Spray working fluids also have their own characteristics and are more closely related to the nozzles.

After long-term development, innovation and development, nozzle technology contains extremely rich content, nozzle structure is extremely diverse. Therefore, the content of nozzle technology is very substantial and complete, so it is necessary and possible to discuss it separately.

Various combustion devices, such as industrial furnaces, boilers, internal combustion engines and gas turbine combustion systems, have developed different spray devices. Although the ministers are using for reference, they are innovative, but lack of in-depth comparison makes them easier to learn from each other.

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Tubular Static Mixer Is Composed of a Component or Mixing Element

Tubular static mixer is utilizes multiple fixed splitter plates in the pipeline to split the water flow in pairs. At the same time, a cross vortex is generated to reverse the rotation and achieve rapid mixing. There are two types of structure for the rapid mixer. One is to install fixed blades in the raw water inlet pipe, and the other is to diffuse the blades in the pipe by external power. There are three types in China, namely propeller blade mixer, SMM type mixer and ko-max tube static mixer. Among them, komax tube mixer can be divided into paired split flow type, AC mixing type, vortex reaction swirl type Wait. The tubular static mixer has fast and efficient, low-energy pipe spiral mixing.